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Imagery Signage Services - Understanding Sign Materials - Quality Materials for the Right Results


An extremely versatile, highly durable plastic sheet that comes in a variety of colors. Acrylic is primarily used for long-term interior and exterior signage. Some common uses are internally illuminated signage, architectural signage, wall directories, permanent indoor retail signage, menu boards and trade show signage. Acrylic is an excellent product if you desire a high quality gloss finish.


Aluminum is designed primarily for short and long term outdoor applications. It is stocked in a variety of colors and will not rust due to its durable baked enamel finish. Aluminum is lightweight, yet sturdy. It is the ideal choice for real estate and traffic signage.


Our banner material is a very durable 14 oz. Nylon-reinforced vinyl. It is well suited for interior and exterior usage because of its flexibility and weather resistant capabilities, which make for easy storage and shipping. The material's strength allows it to be cut into almost any length or dimension. Many colors are available to meet your needs for special events, promotions and grand openings.

Corrugated Plastic

Offering a variety of colors to complement your sign message, this lightweight versatile product can be used for both short-term indoor and outdoor signage. It is a cost effective choice for special events signage, indoor point-of-sale, trade shows, service companies and temporary real estate signage. Corrugated Plastic can be cut to create collapsible signs. This product can be pre-cut into many shapes such as specialized golf ball shaped signs.

Expanded PVC

Expanded PVC, also known as Foam PVC, may be used indoor and outdoors for limited amounts of time. Its matte finish reduces glare and makes for easy readability. Expanded PVC can be shaped and is lightweight, yet sturdy. It is an excellent product for trade shows signage, menu boards, point of purchase displays and architectural graphics. PVC is available in a variety of colors.


Magnetic signage is flexible, easily removable and perfect for signs on multi-use vehicles. This product is for use when you do not want letters permanently affixed to your vehicle. Magnetic signage is weather resistant and, with proper care, suitable for long-term exterior use. It allows your vehicle to be used as an advertising tool for your business and/or service.


This resilient, lightweight material can be used for short-term exterior or interior signage. Ideal for low cost point of purchase, directional and informational signage, menu boards, trade show signage and temporary real estate signage. Polystyrene's smooth surface comes in white only.

Wood and Composite Materials

Wood and composite materials will give you years of outdoor service. They are suitable for large format signage, are weather resistant and have a rigid, flat surface. Wood products can be painted to match custom colors for signage use in commercial real estate, construction firms and property leasing companies. Some composite materials come in a wide range of colors. Others are only available in white.

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