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Imagery Public Relations Services

Getting the Word Out and Follow-up!

Have a product and or service that you want the world to know about? Publicity basically requires the ability to get the appropriate information materials produced, organized and distributed. Then, someone needs to follow-up; to make sure the materials were received and to see if any additional information or contact might be needed. A steady flow of materials, newly created or re-packaged, ensures constant exposure to a ready and willing market, for your company.

The "Case" For Case Histories And Other P. R. Approaches

A widely used approach for raising product awareness is the use of "case histories." By creating a library of action photos, video, feature stories and obtain an excellent knowledge about the various kinds applications where a client's product and or service may be used. From all these case-history materials then, a wide variety of publicity efforts can be generated. Another great publicity opportunity is to host publication editors to visit your company, so they can do their own in-depth stories. When we have done this, we've found the results well-worth the effort. Not only do the editors really focus on the merits of the product and or service, they get to put faces with the P. R. contact names, making it easier to suggest future story or P. R. possibilities.


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