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To help your business succeed, you have or should develop a marketing system. This system works by helping you and your staff to reduce threats and exploit opportunities. You can examine your competition, match your products and services to your target market; and to in fact, target a market. To develop a balanced marketing mix; an effective marketing strategy, and learn to monitor and manage the results. So much easier said than done.

 List of Benefits

Market mapping's capacity to examine endless spreadsheets, tabulations and pie-charts in a visual format is revealing marketing intelligence previously unavailable to medium and small company's. Companies who have this capacity are now able to draw informed conclusions from an amazing array of thematic maps and map charts. The cost effective practicality of market mapping includes a rich toolset that allows users to carry out functions such as:

•  Search for and locate streets, suburbs and towns on a digital map.

•  Display Client Specific Data Mined data in a geographic format.

•  Select customers within specific areas.

•  Select customers within a certain radius from a chosen point.

•  Using customized cluster groups of existing customers to locate similar potential customers in the rest of the country.

•  Solve problems regarding site selection.

•  Estimate market potential.

•  Contrast and analyze customer, sales and performance data against census, LSM and geo-demographic stats.

•  Pinpoint competitor store locations and place new stores.

•  Profile analysis by store market area.

•  Thematically shade customer hotspots to determine advertising.

•  Select sites relative to clients, markets, future growth, transportation infrastructure, existing points of sale and competitors.

•  Calculate efficient routes and distances.

•  Enhance call center efficiencies.

•  Visualize ambiguous data sets such as flood zones, quickly and effectively.

• By using real-time mapping, emergency, law enforcement and general delivery services are greatly enhanced.

Market Mapping allows users to zoom in to any part of a market to amplify the detail. The zooming capability even extends from a map of the world, down to highly detailed street level or household level map. Multiple data sets can represented by a wide array of symbols and graphic aids, designed to simplify and elucidate hidden market data. This extremely powerful tool is now available for researchers, sales managers, company planners, executives, transport managers and anyone who needs to have census, client, branch and other data visually represented on a map. With the rapid uptake of market mapping in the field since the introduction to the marketplace, one of the downsides is it's complexity of use, uncertainty of application and end user anxiety paralysis. Understanding the needs of the marketplace, Imagery Marketing & Mapping has been able to leverage our many decades of expertise in this field to integrate digitally captured street data into a wide range of business applications. From navigation to asset management, market mapping will continue to show smart business the way.

Data Visualization and Marketing - (Click Here To See Marketing Terms Defined)

The introduction of digital market mapping based on geographic information systems (GIS) has been an answer to the prayers of many marketers; wanting to visualize complex sales and business information. The solution, called Market Mapping, which allows various market quires in relationship to geo coded data, displayed on a detailed digital map. In the business environment, success is determined by the ability to quickly assimilate and respond to complex market data. Imagery has been on the leading edge of what we call Data Visualization. This is the ability to take complex data sets and simplify it using visual cues. Mapping allows us to use Data Visualization and "client mined" (discussed in detail next paragraph) data for up to 80% of our clients market data. This allows them faster (with far more accurate and inexpensive data) responses than their competitors.

"Client Specific Database Mining"

Having such a powerful quirky engine, which is what the latest census information as well as various research databases, such as the living standards measures (LSM), incomes, ages, education levels, cluster profiles, and a host of other statistics for every household and region in the country, are portrayed as a single graphic interpretation of thousands of entries on a spreadsheet. As important as outside data is your company's database. Imagery calls this cost effective, highly accurate data source Client Specific Database Mining this emerging marketing tool allows companies to use their own customer database to develop unique customer profiles. The ability to define your market with existing data can provide a savings while offering a level of detail and accuracy unavailable in any other way.

Cluster Groups?

Location awareness is a significant feature in delivering highly customized services. With Market Mapping, a growing list of blue chip companies are now able to calculate virtually any demographic scenario for their marketplace, taking into account customer profiles, census information, competitor analysis data and any other set of business-related statistics (data sets known as "Cluster Groups") needing evaluation. Viewing the results visually over-laid on a digital map, arriving at answers within minutes. Previously these processes would take weeks, if not months to produce and were represented in indigestible reams of spreadsheets. The use of market mapping, client specific data and customized cluster groups, has changed all that; giving businesses clear and precise answers inexpensively.

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