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Imagery Database Services  

Targeting' Data Sources – Expensive Plan A or Imagery's Cost-Effective Method

As discussed at Imagery's Media Buy web page, high media price tags are only part of the marketing dilemma that businesses find themselves in. A properly structured marketing plan / media buy requires viable target audience information which can be expensive and hard to find. Demographic data services offer a wide array of accurate marketing information, from basic demographic data to complex market segmentation. This data has a price tag which can range from a few cents per datum to hundreds of dollars for current, accurate and or specialized data. This "store bought" data has limitations such as accuracy, detail and selection size (US privacy laws prohibit data services from providing data in smaller sets that census tract size about 250 households). Imagery offers a more cost effective and far more accurate approach “ In house Data Mining”. All companies have a client database of some kind. Some databases consist of phone numbers scratched on matchbooks others utilize the latest data management software. This data is unique because it is client data specific to your business. People who are already doing business with your company. This client data is far more valuable to your company because it contains data relative to your company, unlike “store bought” data which is limited by law. An added bonus is that this data is geo-specific, is can be mapped. Mapping (the ultimate in data visualization) gives your business additional marketing control (More about this at Imagery Mapping & Marketing).

Turn Potential into Profit

Depending on the amount of detail contained in your companies database, this information can be ‘mined, 'to uncover the marketing diamonds buried within your companies customer database. This will allow you to leverage all of the information available within your database and your markets, including:

1.  Identify which customers and prospects represent your best marketing opportunities.

2.  Understand the total market potential for each product category.

3.  Determine how much market share you've already captured.

4.  Behavior-based consumer segmentation.

5.  Specific product usage.

6.  Channel preferences.

7.  Technology adoption.

8.  Media usage.

9.  Lifestyle and other consumer behaviors.

10. Life cycle data

By skillfully combining the demographic segments contained with in your companies database, Imagery can assist your business in developing “clusters of segmentation” unique to your business

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