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Cardew Hay; Creating the Gold Standard of Alfalfa

Cardew Hay, has a goal; to set the highest standard for the production of the premier of all forages, alfalfa, a “Gold Standard”. The nutritional value of alfalfa can vary dramatically. Elements such as climatic conditions, when, where and how it’s cut, as well as how it is stored and shipped are vital to its nutritional value. Location is an important factor; climates that are too wet, dry or too hot or cold can produce a less consistent product, for year round production. Because of this, Arizona has been considered by many nutritional experts as the “Alfalfa Sweet Spot”.  Dedicated to creating a gold standard and since 1980, Dick Cardew of Cardew Hay, has created a specialized network of alfalfa producers. Mr. Cardew, and his family personally inspect each grower’s field, the methods used by those growers within that network, before accepting them to the network.  Understanding how critical the nutritional balance can be with alfalfa as premium horse forage, Cardew Hay avoids “first and last cuts”. Prior to cutting, Cardew Hay does additional field inspections to determine how conditions will affect the quality of the crop. It is this dedication to a consistent, year round, high quality product which is the basis of the Cardew Hay Alfalfa Gold Standard.

Why Alfalfa?

Alfalfa (A perennial forage legume), has the highest nutritional value of all forages. Additionally, because of its highly digestible nutritional content, alfalfa is considered to be the premier of forages above all others, for horses. Overall, alfalfa is higher in protein (*Crude Protein – Min 16 %), lower in fat (*Crude Fat – Min 1.5 %), high in digestible fiber (*Crude Fiber – Max 30 %), lower sugar (*Sugar - Max 2.5%)  lower in starch (*Starch - Max 8.9%) and moisture (*Moisture – Max 12 %)  Alfalfa is particularly high in energy and an outstanding source for vitamins and minerals and is more palatable than most grass hays. Alfalfa is also high in vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.






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