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Business Image Services

Image & Identity Consultation

"Image is everything"; this may sound cliché, nevertheless it is true. An organization's image drives the way it's people, products and/or services are perceived. Imagery, can assist in developing a powerful and consistent corporate image. A complete understanding the core products and or services offered by your company can be associated with seemingly desperate services such as community support, volunteerism and networking all say something about an organization, Imagery, can assist your company in identifying what opportunities align well with your business. We also help organizations to recoup and repair their image after a crisis has occurred through image and awareness campaigns. The following list is a sample of our comprehensive list of services:

Corporate logos and slogans, Graphic standards development, Employee incentive program consultation, Internal and external newsletters ,Image studies, Mission statement consultation, Communications audits, Community relations programs, Sponsorship opportunities, Marketing program development and implementation

Creating a Professional Business Image - In a Word 'Consistency

Grab their attention with consistency and dramatically improve the visual impact of your business image brand (the cognitive or mental impression that is created for your clients & customers by your company). Most companies, even large multi-national corporations have many areas of inconsistency's; such as fax covers, e-mails, correspondence, invoicing, signage, even web sites. Imagery calls this process “ Image Consolidation” and it enhances the brand your company has on it's products and or services. Inconsistent, poorly thought out business images sends the unfortunate message that your company's service is also inconsistent and poorly thought out. You only have one chance to create a first; most important impression. Won't you allow Imagery Studios to assist you and your staff to make your companies' business image a powerful long lasting impression Image Development Services A Professional Image Extends Well Beyond a Great Logo Having a strong business image is critical to the success of your business. through our professional graphic design services, your business image extends well beyond a great logo. Image consolidation includes every piece of marketing material or business communication coming from your company and going out to customers, vendors, suppliers, and competitors makes a statement about your company. Are you confident you are presenting the best possible image for your company? What about your company invoice? Job Estimate? Sales Letters? How about the quality of paper your business card is printed on; what does it say about your company? How user friendly is your web site? Every time someone receives a document or marketing material from your company, an impression is formed. Make sure you are doing everything possible to present your company in the best possible light. Do you have a 30 second infomercial to introduce your company? How about a 10 second introduction that quickly communicates the most important aspects of your company? Let Imagery consultants help you polish your business image and create your “Corporate Identity Package” and grow your business through "Image Consolidation".

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