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Imagery Animation and Accident Re-creation Services

Seeing is believing. A picture is in fact worth thousands of words. Behavioral research tells us that up to 85% of our information comes to us visually. In a time sensitive environment such as a courtroom this fact is not wasted. Providing animations and graphic representations adds powerful comprehension and impact to complex activities. By providing visual information, subtle but critical distinctions can be made helping to influence and favorably solidify opinions. Animation allows a controlled, frame by frame analysis of complex actions. Animation allows a construct which focuses on very specific elements. Animation services are available from any point in the assembly process, witness testimony, visual data (photos and videos), reports and other sources. Sounds, newspaper clippings, news reports, video testimonies and graphic illustrations can be added as needed for multimedia impact. Accident Recreation Photographs and videos of an accident however useful are rare. As often happens, in accidents, little if any information exists. Having the ability to re-create or re-construct an accident is required. A basic re-creation, collates and interprets all available data to elucidate related events. Associating this process in an animated re-creation allows the presenter to apply visual data as a tool of clarification.

Backyard Boys Animation
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