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Imagery Printing Services…A to Z 

To Own or Not to Own

Imagery.cc does not own commercial printing equipment, nor do we plan to. The printing industry (like most industries) is staggering under the financial burden of rapid technological changes. These changes cause printing equipment capabilities and purchase prices change from day to day. This affects the prices a printer must charge to pay for equipment. Rather than getting “ locked in ”, Imagery bids print jobs for its clients. We regularly obtain quotes from a large selection of printers of various areas of specialization. In this way we are able to get the correct printer to do the best job for the lowest price.

Graphic Artist versus Printers

As the paragraph title suggests there is a decided difference between Graphic Artists and Printers. Many times artists do not have the technological experience to provide proper “Camera Ready” material for the printer. This leads to unexpected problems and poor results. Printers on the other hand are just that printers, this may have an adverse effect on the creative or artistic content of your project. Printers tend to have a “house look” to their in-house output which may not vary.

The Imagery Alternative

Imagery.cc, has extensive experience as both a printer and in graphic design. With the direction of our clients, we control all aspects of their project, working closely with our Printers to make sure that all of the subtle creative / artistic nuances are translated to a successful print job. Imagery.cc, takes pride in maintaining a proactive client service attitude and we regularly go above and beyond a normal industry service level. From small projects to very large jobs we provide award winning results at a reasonable price.

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